Wedding Bridal Gold Jewellery Trends – What’s Hot This Season?

Gold necklace

The global pandemic slowed down the wedding business during the first half of last year, but we saw couples rush to tie the knot once the country resumed normalcy towards the year’s end – a time also touted to be the wedding season. Given the current state of the country, we may once again see the pattern repeat in 2021.

While some couples are waiting for the wave to ebb, some are throwing caution to the wind and getting hitched in intimate gatherings amidst the chaos. Whether you want to wait it out or simply take the plunge, the one thing that every wedding is incomplete without is jewelry made from 24Karat, purest gold. Some choose to buy gold coins and ingots from MMTC-PAMP stores across the country to melt and turn into jewellery, while others visit our stores to sell old gold jewellery to get the best rates for old gold. Their gold jewellery is evaluated in the state-of-art German XRF machines, and melted in front of them to find out the full value or content of the gold. At that point, you can take away the gold bar by paying nominal melting charges, or sell the gold back to us to get the best gold rate based on the prevailing gold prices.

Here’s looking at some of the hottest wedding jewelry trends of 2021 –

  • Double-layered gold necklace

A statement piece that does complete justice to the heavy bridal ensemble is the chunky double-layered necklace. Adding a royal touch to the overall look as these were fashioned by the maharanis of different dynasties that ruled India, today’s modern-day bride can easily add a traditional touch without compromising on an overall contemporary look. Either studded with stone or craftily woven self-designed ones, this season, we’re bringing back the over-the-top style with these hefty necklaces that are surely every bit worth their weight in gold.

  • Matha patti

Loved Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s look in Jodha Akbar? How about stealing it for your big day? The Matha patti – a chain-like headpiece that runs across and to the back of the head – was a popular fit in every Mughal woman’s jewelry box. Couple these with big naths, and you have the perfect recipe for an elegant look without layering on numerous items.

  • Choker

Choker has made a massive comeback in the last few years, with women flaunting these necklaces with casual and party wear alike. For weddings this year, statement thick chokers will steal the show. You can opt for a choker that covers half of the neck or a sleek one layered with different sized necklaces for a grand look. Either way, be prepared to see brides and the guests adorn chokers at weddings, engagement ceremonies, and even cocktail parties.

  • Cocktail rings

Some brides prefer to keep it simple and subtle without compromising on style. For them, instead of being laden with jewelry, a large cocktail ring will do the job just fine, especially if their wedding lehenga or saree is on the heavier side.

  • Temple jewelry

Besides a touch of faith, temple jewelry boasts of conveying the rich cultural heritage as well. These are gold-plated jewelry with figurines of gods and goddesses delicately crafted on them. They are adorned with precious stones and typically a favorite among South Indian brides. But they can also transcend geographies and find their way in the trousseau of anyone looking to skirt away from traditional designs but carry a touch of legacy.

Some of the other trends to keep an eye on are diamond-studded heavy necklaces or earrings sans the neckpiece, sapphire and emerald studded jewelry set, and chunky maang tikka, especially for Sangeet and Mehendi functions.

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