Is Digital Gold a Safe Investment to Create Long Term Wealth?

Online Gold Investment

India loves its gold, whether through the lens of investment or as a symbol of legacy. India also currently has a sizable majority of the world’s millennial populace. The conjunction of these two important factors – somewhat like a marriage between the traditional investment mantras and the adoption of a technology-driven lifestyle – has given digital gold a favorable arena to grow.

Buying Digital gold allows investors the same benefits of owning physical gold without the stress of worrying about its purity or spending money to keep it safe in a bank locker. Additionally, it eliminates the reduced returns associated with the depreciating value of gold in the form of jewelry due to the significant making charges all brand name jewellers levy on the final product.

Benefits of Digital Gold Ownership

  • Hassle-free

Contrary to investing in physical gold that runs through the cycle of purchase and scouting for gold lockers for storage, owning digital gold eliminates numerous steps as the onus falls upon the provider. As the provider takes care of storage and safety and, in most cases, bear the convenience and other associated fee, owning and investing in digital gold becomes a quick and hassle-free experience.

  • Convenience

Besides the convenience of ownership, buying digital gold is also much easier and selling it on current market rates equally convenient. With a tap on the screen, you can complete these transactions anytime and anywhere.

  • Profitable

Buying physical gold poses the challenge of purity assessment, as well as the added cost of commission, and making charges as these long-term assets are usually bought from dealers. MMTC-PAMP’s Digital gold ensures the digital gold you invest in is 24K, 999.9 pure and eliminates the middleman, thereby comparatively making it a more profitable choice.

Should Digital Gold be a Valuable Player in Your Long Term Investment Plan?

The flexibility to buy and sell digital gold at any time and from anywhere has made it the choice of investment for digital natives looking to both experiment in the short term as well as draft their long-term investment portfolio.

Also, the younger generation looks at making investment decisions at opportune moments rather than auspicious days. This heralds the need for quicker transactions – that would otherwise not have been possible with physical gold – and this has prompted netizens to quickly warm up to the idea of investing in digital gold, with more than 100 million investors choosing to trust MMTC-PAMP with their digital gold investments.

Gold investments have throughout the years been touted to be a resilient and stable option and have found a favorable place in portfolios spanning generations. While the way the invested gold is held is evolving, investment in gold, per se, is unlikely to go out of style, especially for those looking to include it in their long-term wealth-building kitty.

With the pandemic re-shifting the focus back to gold investments amidst the volatility of the stock market and digitization making the process convenient, secure, and safe, gold investment providers are seeing an influx of investors on their platforms.

As the average age of the investors keeps changing, so will their preferred way of investing. And while investment in gold will always hold value in every portfolio, as gold will continue to remain a profitable instrument reaping long-term gains, the traditional models of gold investment will soon be rendered obsolete with the evolution of technology. Considering investing in digital gold to build long-term wealth is a much smarter and safer move for digital natives opting for a trusted instrument in the comfort of the familiar digital space.

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